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    Great Products and a Great Pay Plan
    Create a Great Opportunity, but it is THE MARKETING
    Of the Opportunity That Creates Wealth!


    What sets LifeVita "head and shoulders" apart from other companies is that we are willing to "give more" and "do more" more to help our distributors succeed.


    FREE MARKETING SYSTEM! Most companies are charging and extra $30.00 or more per month to provide their members with an online marketing system. At LifeVita, we are providing a High-Tech, Turn-Key Marketing System ABSOLUTELY FREE to those who join us!


    You Don't Need to Sponsor Hundreds of People To Succeed With LifeVita. If you just set a very realistic goal to sponsor 1-3 members each month over a period of 12 months, you can earn a fabulous monthly income. The LifeVita Marketing System can help you accomplish your Sponsoring Goals!





    If you just follow our "Three Steps to Success" plan, a substantial monthly income is not too far away! Here's what you need to do NOW!

    1. Join LifeVita TODAY!
    We have one of the LOWEST Start-up costs in referral marketing! $29.95 (+ S&H) gets you started. For your initial $29.95 you can choose one of our outstanding products. There is no better time than right now to join and prosper from the EXPLOSIVE surge that our Home-Business System will produce.

    Within a short time of joining, you will receive your LifeVita website and login information. From within your LifeVita's backoffice / Members Area, you will have access to our FREE marketing system and other business-building tools.

    2. Start sending people to your "Home-Business System" marketing website and let the system take over. It will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It will do the sales presentations for you and send a series of follow-up letters to your prospects. Follow-ups are just as important as the initial contact. Many successful distributors report that they get their best people after following up. The system will do this for you automatically!


    3. BE HERE ONE YEAR FROM TODAY AND CELEBRATE! Give your Home-Business time to develop! Commit yourself to success. Too many uncommitted individuals give up before they have a chance to succeed.  Lack of commitment = failure.  If you do not commit yourself to the business for at least one year – you will not succeed!  You are building a business that can provide you with a substantial income for many years into the future!  Doesn’t it make sense to commit to your business for just 12 short months?  Of course it does!





    Imagine your life with NO financial stress. What would you do with an extra $500-$5,000 per month?  Would you move to a better neighborhood or purchase a brand new car?  


    The Long Term Residual Earnings that you can generate with The Home-Business System will allow you to enjoy the Lifestyle of your dreams. Soon, you could be vacationing whenever and wherever and driving the car you always wanted!


    Spend more time with your loved ones. The Home-Business System gives you the flexibility to create a work schedule that fits your life instead of the other way around.


    Retire Early ... and ... with a lot more than a Social Security Check. Most people live paycheck to paycheck all their lives and hope Social Security will take care of them when they get older. That's a big mistake! Social security isn't enough for people to live on today. It definitely won't be enough when you have to rely on it. You have to plan your future today ... or you'll end up in desperation tomorrow!


    The Best Plan for Your Future is to Join The LifeVita Home-Business System and Put our High-Tech Marketing System to work! Soon ...You will be able to live the kind of lifestyle desired by most!



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